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Aerocon HQ Blocks >> Aerocon HQ Blocks - Description
Light Weight
  • 1/3rd the density of clay bricks
  • Ideal material for additional floors in existing buildings
  • Economic design: savings in cement and steel
  • Enables faster construction
  • Suitable for low-soil bearing capacity & seismic zones
  • Facilitates construction of unplanned walls anywhere anytime

High Thermal Insulation
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Thermal performance 5 times better than clay brick & 10 times
    better than RCC.
  • Interiors remain cool in summer and warm in cold wintry days.
  • Savings in recurring energy costs in air-conditioning.
  • Ideal material for applications in cold storage rooms.

(Thermal Transmittance w/m
230 mm Brick wall 1.95
Cavity Brick wall
(110mm + 100 + 110mm)
150 mm Aerocon wall 0.85
200 mm Aerocon wall 0.67
Flexible Wall Thickness - By design

Aerocon is an engineered building product that sets you free from routine use of 230mm (9") and 115mm(4-1/2") thickness for external and internal walls. It offers a wide range of thicknesses ranging from 75mm to 230mm. Aerocon provide you the flexibility to design your wall thickness as per your needs. The standard face size is 600mm x 200mm.


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