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Aerocon HQ Blocks >> Aerocon HQ Blocks - Description

Good Sound Insulation

  • Can fulfill required STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating.
  • Upto 37-42dB sound reduction based on thickness.
  • Ideal material for wall construction in hotels, auditoriums,
    studios, hospitals etc.

Fire Resistance:

Aerocon Blocks are appropriate for fire-rated applications for desired safety. 100 & 200 mm Aerocon Blocks, tested at CBRI, Roorkee, withstood standard fire test for 4 hours.
Perfect Finish
  • Aerocon Blocks are factory-finished with precise edges and shape. Precision cut results in economical POP or putty finish in internal partition walls.
  • Accurate size and shapes help in reducing plastering costs.
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