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Infill blocks
Total Solution Concept

We are pleased to offer you a total solution in Building large column free space in any commercial buildings. We offer our Aerocon Infill blocks in size of 600x600x200mm as quality Infill blocks offering all advantages associated with aerated concrete blocks. You can design the buildings with Infill blocks in mind, by which the dead load on column can be reduced by 20-27% compared to normal RCC Roof.

This reduction in dead load means lower steel and cement consumption and with substantial improved thermal insulation resulting in substantial reduction in Power bills in Air-conditioned buildings. Also as per calculations done by leading structural consultant, it shows that the overall cost of roof comes down by 12%. (On a sample roof as explained ahead)

What are Aerocon Infill Blocks?

Aerocon Infill Block is an innovative product by HIL, India's leading building material company. Infill Blocks are manufactured in technical collaboration with H+H Celcon, UK., at their state-of-art production plant near Chennai. Aerocon Infill Block is mixer of cement, fly ash, lime, aluminum powder and water involving an aeration process that imparts its unique cellular structure. Aerocon Infill blocks are Autoclaved i.e. High-pressure steam cured which gives strength and dimensional stability to blocks.

What are the Advantages of Aerocon Infill Blocks?

Schematic Layout 
•  1/4th Density of Concrete.
•  Self weight of roof slab reduces by 20-27%.
•  Economical due to less dead loads.
•  Provides very high insulation to roof.
•  Ribbed slab construction.
•  Gives flat soffits on completion.
•  No edge & inside finishing of ribs required.
•  Enables faster construction.
•  Saving in centering costs
What are the Applications of Aerocon Infill   Blocks ?
•  Any Roof with large column free space constructions.
•  Commercial and multistoried buildings.
•  Extension of unplanned floors.
•  Fire rated buildings.
•  Air-conditioned buildings.
Actual Roof under construction

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