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Aerocon is not just a substitute for conventional bricks in the wall. It represents a complete wall system with outstanding advantages vis-a-vis conventional clay bricks and hollow concrete blocks.

Aerocon Jumbo Blocks are designed to help you reap the many benefits of their unique size in terms of mortar consumption, speed of construction, thermal insulation and ease of handling.

Aerocon Jumbo Blocks are ideal for internal (partitions) and external load bearing and non-load bearing walls.

By using Jumbo Blocks, the saving in mortar is tremendous. The use of Jumbo units greatly increases the speed of construction, as two units are equal to three regular blocks. Some practical tests abroad have shown that productivity can be increased by up to 200% with jumbo blocks when compared with conventional block laying.

The thermal performance of the wall is further enhanced when using jumbo blocks. Because larger block size means there are fewer joints, resulting in less heat loss through the mortar.

Aerocon Jumbo Blocks are made with a mixture of cement, fly ash, lime and water involving an aeration process that imparts its unique cellular structure.

Aerocon Jumbo Blocks are autoclaved i.e. high pressure steam cured for added strength and dimensional stability to blocks.
Suitable for both load-bearing and non load-bearing walls.

Ideal for multi-storeyed buildings.

Most suitable where thermal comforts at home and savings in air-conditioning cost are desired.

Suitable for all fire-rated applications.
Outstanding Advantages
Savings in mortar.

Faster construction.

Enhanced thermal and sound performance
due to less joints.

Economic design -Savings in cement and steel.

Easy handling even jumbo size due to lower density.

Light-weight -1/3rd the density of clay bricks.
Flexible Wall Thickness / wide range

Wide range of thickness -75 mm to
230 mm, as per customer needs.
Standard face
size -600 mm x 300 mm
Good Sound Insulation

Up to 42 dB sound reduction based
on thickness. It is possible to achieve even higher values depending upon the thickness and the plaster.
Enhances Carpet Area

An engineered block, it can be offered in any thickness as per the construction design.
By using 150 mm thick blocks in place of 9 inch brick, the customer gets an additional 2% to 3% carpet area. The savings on account of additional carpet area gained is more than the cost of blocks.
Fire Resistance

Aerocon Jumbo Blocks are most appropriate for fire-rated applications for desired safety. AAC blocks have been tested at CBRI, Roorkee for fire rating of 4 hrs. The temperature on the unexposed side of the wall after four hours of fire is so low it helps occupants leave the building saving precious human lives and property.
High Thermal Insulation

Thermal performance -5 times better than clay bricks and 10 times better than RCC.
Comfortable living throughout the year.
Savings in recurring energy costs in air- conditioning.
Ease of Workability

Aerocon Jumbo Blocks are easy to cut, shape and chisel with conventional carpenter's tools to achieve the desired size, shape & wall pattern, and hence most suitable for architectural innovations/concepts.
Technical Data
  Property Unit Value
  Face size (L x H) mm 600 x 300
  Thickness mm 75 100 125 150 200 230
  Dry weight Kg 7.9 10.5 13.1 15.7 21 24.1
  Compressive strength* min  N/mm2 3
  Normal dry density Kg/m3 550-600
  Thermal conductivity W/m0K 0.16
  Sound reduction** db Upto 42
  Fire resistance - Load bearing
                         Non load bearing
                       4 (tested for 200mm thick wall)
        * High strength can be given on specific request and application.
        ** Depends upon thickness.
      Special sizes can be developed on demand.
      Aerocon Jumbo Blocks are available with face size of 600 x 200 mm.
      Relevant I.S. Codes
      I.S. 2185 (part III) -1984                    :    Specification for AAC.
      I.S. 6041-1985 Reaffirmed 1990         :    Code of practice for construction of AAC Block masonry.
      I.S. 6441- 1 972 (part I to part V)       :    Methods of testing for AAC products.
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