Fibre Cement Boards – Crafted for Perfection

A Truly Green product. Birla Aerocon Fibre Cement Boards are a result of breakthrough innovation brought about through extensive R&D efforts combined with cutting edge technology. The boards are made from a mix of fly ash, cellulose fibre and fire resistant fillers. During the production process,Birla Aerocon Fibre Cement boards are exposed to a high pressure steam curing process called Autoclaving, to ensure greater dimensional stability and durability. Birla Aerocon Fibre Cement Boards are the perfect substitute for wood, offering a greater level of durability and versatility, with superior features. They are available in multiple sizes to provide more flexibility to your designing capabilities.

Key Benefits:

Creative Flexibility

Being extremely versatile, Birla Aerocon Fibre Cement Boards, can be used in almost interiors and semi-covered exterior building applications.

Energy efficient

Birla Aerocon Fibre Cement Boards possess superior thermal insulation properties which helps in maintaining hot or cool temperature conditions in interior spaces.

Easy installation

Despite their high impact resistance, Birla Aerocon Fibre Cement Boards are extremely easy to work with, even with basic carpentry tools.

Quiet Comfort

Thanks to the superior sound insulation, Birla Aerocon Fibre Cement Boards drown-out outside noise and ensure the interior ambience stays peaceful, relaxing and comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Dimensionally Stable
  • High Sound Insulation
  • Superior Thermal Insulation
  • Fire Resistant
  • Environment Friendly