What is Aerocon?

AEROCON is an innovative sandwich panel made up of two plain cement sheets on either Side of a lightweight concrete core composed of portland cement, binders and a mix of siliceous and micaceous material aggregate with a unique tongue and groove jointing system. These panels are available in thicknesses of 50mm & 75mm with standard width of 600mm and length of 2400, 2700 & 3000mm.

AEROCON panels are most ideal for internal & external applications, simple to erect, light weight, strong, durable, water-& termite-proof, easily relocatable, thermal insulated and, most of all, fire-rated.


  • Cladding in Power Projects
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Control Rooms
  • Project Offices
  • Semi Permanent Buildings
  • Mass Housing
  • Fire Separation Walls
  • Internal Partitions

External cladding for power projects:

AEROCON Panels have been used in industrial high rise cladding for overcoming the masonry difficulties such as brick by brick construction, plastering and curing. AEROCON panels are factory made and impart following advantages to any industry having cladding requirement:

  • Factory made/cured panels -no need to do anything on site.
  • Light-weight panels allow easy handling and erection.
  • Dry construction: No cement work required at heights.
  • Water-/Fire-resistant.
  • Fast track construction -Tongue and groove jointing system
  • Very good wind load bearing capacity.

Control Rooms

Control room of any size can be made using AEROCON panels. The biggest advantages in Control room applications are:

  • Fire rating of two hours.
  • Completely relocatable.
  • Floor, Walls and Roof using same panels.
  • Ease of workability-cutting/drilling possible at any point of time.
  • Good aesthetics and completely dry construction.
  • Can be used in running industry also.

Fire Separation Walls:

Due to its good fire-rating properties, AEROCON panels are most suitable for fire separation walls where fire rating of two hours is generally expected. AEROCON panels come with a test backup from the Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee and has the following unique properties:

  • AEROCON Fire walls can be installed in existing running units without any disturbance to ongoing work.
  • Fast and dry construction gives good aesthetics to any walling set up.

Aerocon panels were used for the following power projects:

(a) For Cladding

  • Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd., Neyveli -External Cladding for Power Project.
  • Selco International, Mahboobnagar, A.P.
Hyderabad Industries Ltd. offered a dry wall system with AEROCON panels of 75mm thickness from 20mtrs height to 40mtrs height for Neyveli power project (see photo on cover). Panels were fixed to the existing steel grid with minor changes in the steel structure. Original specifications for the building: 230 mm brick work from floor level to 40mtrs height for turbine building. The speed of construction with AEROCON panels can be gauged from the fact that the project was completed in three month's time before the scheduled date of completion. EPC Contractors for the project: M/s Ansaldo Services, Italy Contractors: M/s Simplex Concrete

(b) For Site Offices:
  • Reliance Energy at Samalkot in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Hitachi (EPC contractors) for Hinduja Power Corporation at Vizag
  • Dowliganga Hydro electric project at H.P.
  • BHEL (EPC contractors) for NTPC at Parvada in Vizag.

Back view of the Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Neyveli, Tamilnadu.

Side view of the Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Neyveli, Tamilnadu

Fast Track Construction

  • Tongue and Groove Joining system allows faster construction.
  • Easy workability no special tools required.
  • Lightweight panels allows easy handling and erection
  • Factory cured panels elminate need for on-site curing.
  • Re-locatable complete structure can be dismantled and re-erected.

Strong & Durable

  • Panels are manufactured from high quality materials imparting adequate strength and long life.
  • Excellent water, termite and fire resistant properties to withstand adverse weather conditions.
  • Fire rating - 50mm panel - 1hour (non load bearing) 75mm panel - 2hours (load bearing)
  • Most suitable for seismic and cyclone prone zones.

Other Advantages

  • Excellent surface finish - takes all decorative treatments.
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.
  • Slim Aerocon panels provide - extra usable floor space.
  • Usage of fly ash & timber-free AEROCON makes it eco-friendly.







Weight (nom) per sq. m. Kgs 43 60  
Axial load / metre width (Sample size - 1500 x 300 mm)


53 83 Factor of safety - 2.5
Bending Test (4 point UDL) Uniformly distributed load Kg/m²    
                 2.9 M span 73 100 Factor of safety - 2.5
                 1.5 M span 198 265
Flexural Strength/ Modulus of Rupture Kg/cm² 67 58 Typical Test results
Comprehensive Strength Kg/cm² 30 40 Typical Test results
Thermal Conductivity W/mºK 0.22 0.21 BS 4370 - Part 2

Sound transmission class (Typical Test result of Prasar Bharati and National Physical Laboratories)

db 33 36 IS :9901 (Part111) -1981
IS :11050 (Part 1)  -1981
Fire rating* minutes 60 120 BS 476 Part 20 - 22
Surface spread of flame*

Fire Propagation Index (I)*


Class 1


Class 'P'
(not easily ignitable)

BS 476 Part 7 - 1971

BS 476 Part 6 - 1981

BS 476 Part 5 - 1968

Note: The above specifications are based on typical test result of AEROCON panels with Flexo-O-Board and are subject to revision.
* As per test result of CBRI